Why your home isn’t selling

4 Feb 2019

And 5 things do about it, fast…

So, you’ve listed your home online. It’s been showing for weeks, popping up on thousands of screens across the UK, as buyers swipe through properties in search of their next home. 

One of them could be your buyer. But the clock is ticking, and it’s still not selling…

Don’t become “the property that won’t sell”

The longer a property sits on the market, the warier and less interested buyers grow. 

If your home has been on the market more than 30 days, it’s time to make some quick changes.

Here are 5 quick tips to help turn things around and get your property off the market once and for all.

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1. Price it right 

Overvaluing your property can quickly stall the sale process. In fact, it’s the main reason houses fail to sell in the UK. But, with so much data out there to sift through, it’s difficult to determine a fair market value for your home. 

Some estate agencies storm in at a higher price offering, to “test” the market and try your luck. While this can sound exciting, the property market doesn’t run on luck but rather, supply and demand. Testing out an above-market price will leave your property sitting online for longer, making buyers suspicious as they start to wonder what’s wrong with it. This can even culminate in dramatic price reductions in a final, last attempt to sell off your property. 

Quick Tips:

●      Browse local listings to compare prices of similar properties in your area

●      Get a second opinion from a local property expert.

●      Make use of our free and instant, online property valuation simply by entering your address here.

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2. Get picture perfect 

With more than 90% of buyers now starting their property search online, it’s obvious that image matters. 

The photos you use are the keys to getting buyers through the door. How your property looks online directly determines their interest in viewing your home. But in a competitive online space, standing out and grabbing their attention can be a challenge. So, what can you do to make your home look picture-perfect and ready to move in?

Quick Tips: 

●      Browse property listings online, noting the ones that catch your eye, the photo angles and framing of the rooms’ features 

●      Avoid off-putting things lurking in window shots like scruffy bins across the street, the old van in next door’s driveway or scraggly weeds in the back garden. 

●      Consider hiring someone from Fiverr for as little as £4 to professionally edit your photos

●    Talk to our property experts about including professional photos in our fixed-fee sales packages.

3. Start on neutral ground

On average, buyers make up their minds about a house within the first five minutes.

The devil is clearly in the details, and that means taking note of all the small things you may be missing after having lived there for so long. You might find the children’s fingerprints on the windows endearing, or the peeling paint nothing more than a superficial concern, but odds are, potential buyers won’t. 

Quick Tip:

●      Set a declutter date with your home, removing bulky furniture and appliances, and clearing out shelves, cupboards and storage spaces to instantly make your property look bigger.

●      Next up, neutralise. Paint over any bright feature walls and replace the garish curtains and out-there paintings that define your style with minimal décor, allowing viewers to visualise the space as their own and imagine living there.

●     Refresh– finish off with a lick of fresh paint to give the place an instant, and cheap, facelift. 

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4. Viewings with a view to sell

With your new and improved photos, (and garish-curtain-free rooms,) your house is looking its best yet. Now you need to sustain buyers’ interest as they take a closer look around your home. 

53% of buyers prefer to be shown around by the current owner, due to their personal and local knowledge. If you’re working with an estate agent, make sure they know about as many personal and local details as possible. At Online Estate Agents, we offer both options in our fixed-fee sales packages.

Quick Tip:

●      Give buyers the space to walk around the property at their own pace and chat privately amongst themselves

●      Give buyers the space to walk around the property at their own pace and chat privately amongst themselves

●      Host a “mock viewing” with a friend to rehearse your selling points and settle any nerves.

●      Read up on local school catchment areas, public transport, council tax bands and community facilities to prepare for more niche questions.

●      Consider working with a professional estate agent to help close the deal.

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5. Do the Deeds 

Occasionally, a more complicated problem can arise for sellers which puts a spoke in the wheel.

Perhaps you’ve discovered your property is unregistered (surprisingly, 30% of land in England and Wales hasn’t yet been registered). Or maybe there is a lien on your home, such as a construction lien filed for work done on the house by a subcontractor. These types of problems are solvable with the right experts behind you – they just may take a little longer than expected to resolve. 

Quick Tip

·      If you’re facing any unexpected title or deeds problems, get in touch with our Online Estate Agents experts who can advise on what you need to do next and who you need to contact.

Find an estate agent that works for you 

If you’re still struggling to get your property off the market, you might need professional support in certain areas of the sales process.

Online Estate Agents’ fixed-fee packages allow you to select and pay for only the services you need to sell your property fairly and quickly. And you only pay once your home sells. 

Get in touch with our local property experts today to find out how we can help sell your home. 

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