Why choose OnlineEstateAgents.com?

1 Feb 2019

Why choose OnlineEstateAgents.com? 

The simpler, cheaper & more convenient way to sell your home in 2019

Take control of selling your own home - so that you can:

·     deal with viewings and offers in your own time

·     avoid nasty surprises with a fixed fee and 0% commission costs

·     only pay when your home is sold.


Getting your home in front of a new generation of buyers

Today, 95% of all property searches in the UK now start online rather than with estate agents. 

If you’re selling your property in 2019, you need to make sure you’re keeping up with these changes. Doing so is the only way to guarantee you get your property in front of a new generation of home buyers who are doing things differently online. 

Here’s how Online Estate Agents can help make sure you do:

An estate agent that works around your busy life - not the other way around


The way people are buying and selling their homes is changing – and we can thank technology for that.

Today, with our hectic and busy lives, the entire sales process can be managed digitally if sellers with to do so.

This means that taking “personal days” from work to visit the high-street estate agent, as well as being unable to move things forward because of out-of-office hours, are now things of the past. 

Instead, with Online Estate Agents, you can carry all the latest enquiries, offers and feedback on your property with you - and respond whenever you like while you’re on the go. 



Cutting-edge technology 


Online Estate Agents is an online, hybrid agency with traditional values and extensive, local expert knowledge. 

Using the latest, cutting-edge technology, we offer homeowners a seamless digital solution that simplifies the process of selling your home, helping you find the perfect buyer at the lowest fixed rates. 

With our unique online portal, you can take control of the entire sales process, as well as the cost, by choosing exactly which services you need from our experts to help you sell your home. 



·      Quickly get your property advertised on the leading portals including Rightmove and Zoopla

·      Book viewings instantly, 24/7, in just a few click around your schedule, rather than waiting for a high-street estate agent to open or call you back

·      Offers on properties can be received 24/7, in real time

·      Respond and negotiate to offers immediately, speeding up the entire process 


You choose, we deliver 


Every home seller is unique, each home-selling situation different. 

That’s why we give you the personal freedom to choose, and pay for, only the services and professional support you require to market and sell your property. 

This means, for the first time, you can pick and mix the home selling services you need.

Through Online Estate Agents, you have access to the best of all worlds in 3 carefully designed packages, where we combine the expert guidance and local knowledge of traditional high-street estate agents with the latest online technology that puts youin control. 

However much you want us to get involved in the sale of your house, we have the right package to suit, at the most competitive price.


·      Save money by only paying for the services you need

·      Opt to manage the entire sales process online if you wish 

·      Choose our Hybrid Package to add in professional photos, adverts and sales negotiation

·      Take advantage of unlimited accompanied viewings with a professional, local agent in our Traditional Package, without them commanding commission when your property sells

·      Select bespoke add-ons to any package as required, including floor plans, measurements and Energy Performance Certificates.


Take a look at our 3 sales packages here to find the right one for you.


Fixed, low-cost fees that work for you 


This tight control over the services you pay for means that we guarantee transparent costs up-front. There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises once your property sells. 

With 3 clear, simple, fixed-fee prices for each sales package, you always know exactly how much you will pay from the get-go. 

And just like it says on the tin, you will only pay these fees when your property sells.

Traditional, high-street estate agents typically charge between 1-2.4% + VAT on the final sale price. A homeowner who sells their property for £400,000 through a traditional agent could face a £4,000 + VAT bill based on a 1% fee (that’s £4,800 in total!)

Our Online Package starts at just £365, with our most expensive, Traditional Package reaching just £1,200.

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Cheaper than other online agents 


As increasingly more people look to online estate agents as the smarter way to sell their property, fees are starting to rise with the increased demand. 

The biggest, national online agents now start their fees at around £899 (+ add-ons and viewings), which is required as an up-front payment before the property is even valued and listed.

At Online Estate Agents, we strive to continue delivering highly competitive and affordable rates to our valued customers. That’s why our fees start as low as just £365, and our customers don’t pay a penny until their property is sold. 

The average customer saves thousands of pounds with us. Find out how much money you can save with our Savings Calculator, and start thinking about where you can spend it instead.



If you’re ready to take tighter control over what you pay and how you sell your home, contact us today to find out just how much you could save. 

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