Sellers and movers – top tips for a hassle-free move

13 Nov 2019

The process of moving home – from house hunting and making an offer, to packing, arranging for a removals van and settling into your new home – can be a daunting one. 

It can be especially taxing when unexpected issues arise, such as miscommunication and delays in exchange. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

With this in mind, here at Online Estate Agents, we present some top tips for you to consider when moving home.

Organise your finances

You will need to get financially organised when preparing to buy or sell a property. Failure to do so could potentially slow down or complicate your move, so consider speaking to a mortgage adviser to confirm your budget and getting an agreement in principle as soon as possible.

Once your offer is accepted, you’ll receive a formal mortgage offer. However, this will only be valid for a set period of time. If you don’t complete on the property before it expires, you will need to start the process again.

Hire a trusty solicitor

Your solicitor or conveyancer is absolutely crucial to the moving process as they will handle the legal aspects of the sale. A good solicitor will be reliable, keep on top of the process, chase the other party when necessary and act in your best interests.

When searching around, be sure to ask for recommendations from friends or family, as well as your estate agent, to ensure that your property transaction is in dependable hands.

Keep in contact and ask questions

It’s crucial that you ask important questions while keeping in regular contact with your solicitor and estate agent. This will help to minimise the chances of hitting any roadblocks along the way.

It’s also a good idea to agree on weekly updates between all parties at the beginning of the process. This will not only avoid any miscommunication, but it will also allow you to stay in the loop throughout and, in turn, gain some control where necessary.

Respond promptly

It’s inevitable that you’ll be required to provide lots of documents and information during the moving process. Because of this, ensure that you review, fill out, sign and return everything as quickly as possible.

At the same time, you don’t want to sit on things for weeks as you risk slowing down the transaction. To avoid any hold-ups, make sure that you’re easily accessible at all times – even if you’re on holiday.

Set a reasonable deadline

Agreeing to a reasonable target date for exchange can add structure to the process. If one party isn’t quick enough to act, it might be a good idea to build in some extra time between exchange and completion, rather than being too flexible with the exchange date.

Whatever deadline is negotiated, it’s vital that both parties stick to it. Of course, your estate agent will have experience and expertise in this field, and will be able to offer you some valuable advice. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have bought or sold a property before, the home moving process can be quite tricky. However, with thorough preparation and clear communication between you and your agent, the process can run smoothly.

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