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20 Sep 2019

Roof and windows top factors in attracting buyers

In a sluggish market with economic uncertainty still confounding movement like an overgrown garden, kerb appeal is a vital sales tool in creating a lasting first impression.

Most buyers looking at houses for sale make up their minds in the first few minutes of arriving at a property, so if you’re planning to sell you need to ensure you present your home at its best.

Property maintained with loving care, however, is more likely to gain attention from prospective buyers than flashy decorative style. According to a new report from the HomeOwners’ Alliance it’s well maintained windows and a sound roof that score highest.

More than two thirds of buyers think kerb appeal is important when buying a home, but they’re looking beyond the obvious towards factors that will save them in the longer term.

Winning features

Whether you live in a sought-after suburb of Birmingham, a Leicestershire rural retreat, or an upcoming Nottingham inner city street, the condition of your home is vital in gaining a successful sale. 

While good quality windows and a perfect roof tick the top two boxes, a tidy front garden, well-kept pathways and fences are important, as are a pristine frontage and attractive entrance. 

Other positive features included clean gutters, concealed wheelie bins and a brightly lit exterior. 

Top 10 ways to boost kerb appeal – and the cost

You might be able to complete smaller jobs yourself, with the bonus of adding value while saving money.

Windows in good condition (71% importance)

The Federation of Master Builders estimatesthe cost of repairing and redecorating timber windows untouched for a decade as £1,000 to £2,000. For upstairs windows, scaffolding may be needed – at around £400 a day to rent. 

Roof in good condition - no missing tiles (68%)

The cost of replacing five missing, loose or cracked roof tiles is around £190 and is likely to take up to one day. Scaffolding may be needed.

Tidy front garden with no weeds and trimmed hedges(67%)

 Around £150 for a day’s gardening work.

Well-kept pathway/ drive(59%)

Repairing and improving the pathway or drive up to the house could typically cost between £100 and £500, depending on the extent of the damage and the surface.

Well-maintained fences and walls(56%)

The cost of repainting a fence is around £90 per panel (including labour) and building a new fence, up to £1500, depending on materials.

Smart exterior(54%)

Repainting the front of your house can cost from £550 with the added cost of scaffolding, if needed.

Attractive front door (52%)

Redecorating a front door would typically cost £200, according to the FMB. Replacement can be anything from £500 for timber to £1,500 for a composite equivalent, including security locks.

Clear, functioning gutters(50%)

Expect to pay around£250 to pay for clearing gutters. Scaffolding may be needed.

Hidden wheelie bins (36%)

A natural willow wheelie bin screen storage could be under £50 and create a much more scenic frontage.

Good exterior lighting(26%)

Addingan exterior light to the house can cost between £250 and £750 and should be completed by a qualified electrician.

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