19 Aug 2019

With the deposit down, a hefty mortgage looming, stamp duty to pay, plus solicitor’s and estate agent’s fees to settle, the cost of physically moving home can feel like the last straw.

Your house search is done and your new property awaits, yet the financial outlay continues as you set your moving date. Still, there are plenty of ways you can save money on shifting your belongings to your new home if you plan carefully and shop around.

Best advice from the HomeOwners’ Alliance includes:

Getting Rid

The less stuff you have the cheaper it will be to move. A thorough clearout means fewer boxes, maybe a smaller removal van - and less of the removal team’s time. Plus, anything you’re able to sell will help cover removal costs.

Do it yourself

Depending on whether you’re renting or buying; you’re single or have a family, the amount of stuff you have will vary. Doing it yourself with van hire and the help of friends and family can cut the costs. But make sure you have home contents insurance in place to cover all items throughout the moving process.

Check out removers

The average home mover in The Midlands pays around £1,200 to a removal firm, so if you opt for professionals check out several and get them to survey what size van will be needed. Look out for discounts, search independent reviews and ask for local recommendations to get the best value for money.

Book early

The more notice you give your removal team the better, allowing you to take your pick, rather than going with whoever’s left on the day you need them.


Being flexible on the date and time you move can help you strike a deal with the removal firm. Moving midweek is cheaper and the easier it is to fit you into their schedule the better your chance of a lower price.

Don’t pay removals to pack up if you can do it yourself. Ask if it would also be cheaper if you moved everything onto the ground floor of your home. Take apart beds, remove feet from sofas and double-check if doors need to be taken off hinges to save struggling with bulky furniture.

Save boxes

Start saving boxes before moving day and ask friends and family to do the same for you. You can buy secondhand removal boxes online on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

Get insurance

Check your removal firm’s cover for your move. Be clear what’s covered and the limits. Ensure your contents insurance at your old address is valid until you have moved out and your new home is insured from the time you move in.

Clean up

Have someone in charge of cleaning up. If you are moving out of a rental your deposit could be affected if you leave the property in a bad way. You could also face complaints from the new owners if you leave a mess behind.

Local specialists at Online Estate Agents can offer informed advice on all aspects of moving whether you are looking for rental properties or homes to buy online. Call 0330 1244 786 to speak with an expert. 

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