August the prime time for moving

2 Aug 2019

Find out why, with handy tips for making your move before autumn

Found your property and getting ready to move? 


The most popular day to move home this year will be Friday 30 August, with 6,500 moves set to take place on this day.

Based on figures from the Government’s English Housing survey, there were 625,000 owner-occupier moves in England in 2016-2017 - that’s around 1,700 moves per day. On the busiest day to move this year nearly four times this number - approximately 6,500 moves - are expected.

But it’s not just Friday August 30 that’s popular. Friday is by far and away the most popular day of the week to move home, with more than one in four movers (28%) choosing Friday. The second most popular day is Saturday, with almost 17% of movers and the least popular day is Sunday, at just under 6% of movers.

The Homeowners’ Alliance predicts 75,000 moves during August alone and 175,000 property owners moving on Fridays throughout the course of the year.

Like the rest of the country house owners across the East and West Midlands often choose to move during the school summer holidays, enabling their children to settle into their new home for the start of the new academic year in September.

The timing is also a natural result of the ‘spring bounce’ when more people look at homes for sale online in the start of their house search and launch their home on the market. It can take until the whole of summer to get through the whole house buying and selling process.

“Whatever time you need to move selling your property online can be a simpler, cheaper and quicker route to getting moving and it’s also a great way to test the water,” says Shezad Tayub, Director at Online Estate Agents.

“We are confident we will sell your property and are therefore happy for our clients to pay us on completion, with no sale, no fee guaranteed.”


Around 115,000 moves are delayed annually. One in five homeowners who bought their home between 2016 and 2018 faced moving day delays due to sellers vacating their homes late or funds not being cleared on time.

Book your removal firm now. Ask your preferred firms to visit and assess your house for how many vans will be needed and to give you a quote. You want to be ready to appoint a removals firm on the day of exchange. 

Set your completion date. Tell movers throughout your chain your ideal date for completion so it simply needs to be confirmed on the date of exchange.

Avoid a Friday if you can. Suggest a mid-week move to everyone in the chain pointing out the potential pitfalls of choosing to move on a busy day.

Be fraud aware. On the last Friday of the month bank money transfers can get overloaded and this is a peak time for conveyancing fraud. Choose your conveyancer or solicitor very carefully and do not send bank details by email.



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